So it works…!

We tried a little tech stream, and it works! The link I sent out for the live stream also works as the watch again link, cool! And shortly after the video has ended, the live chat will also appear, it takes a while so be patient!

Don’t forget, from July 1st, this will be the only way to watch most of the show. The first 45-60 minutes will be free and then we will go behind the Patreon Paypal. You have to be a member of the £6.66 or above to access this show.

Thanks for your support!

Bonus Show Test today immediately after the main show….for Patrons only

Trying a little experiment today – can we move from the Twitch stream to a private stream elsewhere with almost no hitches? Probably not, but let’s try.

Shortly after the main show ends, I will send a link that will take you to the bonus After Show Party. Hopefully. Apologies in advance for any cock ups. To get this after July 1st, you would need to be £6.66 or above.

Not sure what time, so try and watch the main show and keep your fingers crossed

Book at Bedtime – Lynne Perrie – Secrets of the Street – Chapter 1 -Audio

After July 1st, this will be in the $20 tier…

Here is a an experiment, Chapter 1 of Lynne Perrie’s book. 

Do I do the whole book? 

Do you want the audio version of this as well as the video?

I know Katherine wants to do random chapters from other books, so would that be OK with you too?

Stuff like this will probably be in the £20 tier from next month.

We’re feeling a little flat at TLNA headquarters, so feedback is really helpful right now, honest feedback, please don’t just say what you thin we want to hear!



Book at Bedtime – Lynn Perrie – Secrets of the Street Chapter 1

After July 1st, this will be in the $6.66 and above tier and would be classed as a show…Here is the private video of our new feature, Book at Bedtime Phone-In – the only late night book phone-in show IN THE WORLD!

There will also be an audio version as a podcast. Do let us know if this is TOO much stuff! Also, the audio will only be available to the £20 tier as we approach the launch date of July 1st!

Question for our lovely Patrons…

Hello loves, it’s Katherine. 

Quick question; I’m working on recording our version of A Book At Bedtime, ‘Random Reads’ and I’m wondering… do you want us to ‘do the voices’?

I mean REALLY do them? Full throttle.

Or would that keep you awake at night? 

Please let me know in the comments.

K x