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The Door Into Summer…It’s Just Great Music, Guys!

After July 1st, this will be in the $20 tier…

Ah  man, I forgot how much I love doing these. This is the music show I always wanted – where I get to choose the songs and share stuff with yous lot that I think are just FABULOUS. No theme this month, ust a stream of consciousness rabbit hole type affair but with added Dua Lipa, who I think is perhaps the greatest pop star of all time, and a very rare Imani Coppola track. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy. If you have any suggestions for themes then please do let me know!

Also, do you like the talking or would you rather just the songs? Maybe I get in the way? Or perhaps you like the ramblings?

1 – Fanny – Aint That Peculiar – Best of Fanny

2 – Imani Coppola – Mac and Gov’t Cheese – Unsung

3 – Imani Coppola – Facetime Continuum – Unsung

4 – The Babys – Isn’t It Time – Broken Heart

5 – Dua Lipa – Break My Heart

6 – The Nerves – Many Roads To Follow – One Way Ticket

7 – Feargal Sharkey – You Little Thief – Feargal Sharkey

Allan Beswick Analysis (ABA)

After July 1st, this will move to the $20 tier…

I LOVE Beswick, the last of the great late night phone-in hosts. When he goes, that’s it, game over. Someone very kindly sent me a load of old AB shows and when I can I go through them and decostruct them. I really enjoy them, hope you do too!

The Door Into Summer – Paul McCartney

After July 1st, this will move to the $20 tier.

I love McCartney so much. Yeah, there have been some misteps and stinkers, but you can’t have a career in music for nearly 60 years and not make a few mistakes. I genuinely think he is the greatest pop writer of all time. This month, I’m going to share a few gems – some obscure, others not so, but hopefully give you a chance to rethink about Macca. Don’t forget from Jylu 1st this Iain Lee Patreon closes adn everything moves over to www.patreon.com/IainAndKatherine – I really hope you can move over there and carry on listening to The Late Night Alternative.

1 Ballroom Dancing – Tug of War

2 That Was Me – Memory Almost Full

3 Getting Closer – Back To The Egg (Wings)

4 Wanderlust – Tug of War

5 My Brave Face – Flowers in the Dirt

6 Fine Line – Chaos and Creation in the Backyard

7 Beautiful Night – Flaming Pie

8 Too Many People – Ram

The Door Into Summer – Barenaked Ladies

After July 1st, this will move over to the $20 tier…

I’ve picked some of my fave bits of music and hopefully will introduce you to something new and exciting. You might not like all or any of the tracks but I hope you will listen without prejudice and see if anything tickles a part of your soul that has not been touched before.

This episode is a look at some of the lesser well known Barenaked Ladies tracks. I love BNL, ever since I heard If I Had $1,000,000 at college maybe 29 years ago. Man, that makes me old. I loved that song so much. Then I heard Brian Wilson and I knew I had found my new fave band. They are so joyous, so unassumingly clever, songs packed full of subtle jokes followed by heartfelt questions about life. Yes. BNL are existentialist humorists. And no one knows because of THAT bloody song.

They’re a wonderful secret and it is my pleasure to share that secret with you. I hope you enjoy and consider digging a little deeper after this podcast.

Thanks for listening.


1 – The Old Apartment – Ladies and Gentlemen : Barenaked Ladies & The Persuasions

2 – Get Back Up – Silverball

3 – Bank Job – Barenaked Ladies Are Me

4 – Everything Old Is New Again – Maybe You Should Drive

5 – Hello City – Gordon

6 – If I Had $1,000,000 – Gordon

7 – Shoebox – Born On A Pirate Ship

8 – The Ninjas – Snacktime

9 – Maybe Katie – Everything To Everyone

£20 Monthly Production Meeting

Wondered what the monthly production meeting looks like? Is it worh being in the £20 tier for it (and loads of other stuff)? We think so but thougt we’d share our last Twitch Tier 3 Prod and Mod meeting so you could make your mind up. It lasts about an hour, is private (we cut some out of this) and its a great opportunity to hang out with me and Katherine and pitch your ideas for the show.

Have a look and if you like it, do sign up to the £20 level. Thanks for your support.


You are part of our Discord…

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