Schedule week commencing 5th July

You are the first to know this week’s schedule. We hope it’s satisfactory.

Monday 10am – 1pm with the first 45 minutes free YT
Tuesday 9.30am – 12 with the first 30 minutes free YT
Wednesday 7pm World of Tanks Twitch free to watch and multiplayer
Friday 8pm – 11pm with the first 45 minutes free YT

We hope this pleases you!

YT links to follow closer to the time.

20% off our store

I have to say STRAIGHT AWAY this doesn’t include Scott’s stuff. Sorry. But the stuff in our store, Cameos, tapes (when I get a working taoe deck…the one from ebay was knackered), postcards and whatnot can be bought 20% cheaper with this code ELITE!

I’ll change the code every month. Please don’t share! This is just for £20 and above

Among Us at 1pm TODAY!

Hey all, you up for some Among Us? Katherine and I will be playing from 1pm on Twitch. It’s free to watch. WE are starting off with the £20 Patrons as first dibs on games is one of their perks. If there aren’t enough, we shall work down. Should be a laugh!

#TLNA – July 2nd 2021 – Free bit and first Patreon Show

We did it. YOU did it. Our first show, all wrapped up in beautiful audio. This is the free 30 minutes and the remaining 2 and a half hours. If you want to watch it, I posted the links on another Patreon post. Let me know if you struggle to find it.

I am sending this out to ALL Patreons. But from now on, this complete audio and thecomplete video will only be available to £6.66 and above. If you like it, you could always move up a tier?

#TLNA July 2nd – First Patreon show….

There you go….we did it. Our first Paywall Twitch free show…and I THINK it worked. The first link is for the free portion of the show and the second is for the paywall bit. I don’t think you need me to edit them, do you? I WILL, however, be editing the audio into one big lovely chunk for you over the weekend.

Thanks for your support team. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

Free Part :

Paywall :

When do you prefer the shows?

Hello all, sorry for bombarding you today! I’m thinking out loud and this may not be something we can change immediately, but I wondered when you preffered the shows? morning, evenings or not bothered? Oh, I’m gonna put that in the question….

Check your payment and tonight’s show

Hello everyone. Please check your patreon payments. Some have my gone through which means there may be a problem your end. If you don’t sort it you’ll lose all your fab benefits!

Also tonight’s paywall stream will be a different link to the free bit. Check youtube at 8 to see where the free bit is.

The First Freedom Show

This is FREEDOM DAY! Our first show paid for by YOU WONDERFUL PATRONS!

Firstly, Katherine and I are humbled by your amazing support. Thank you so much. We are still some way off where we need to be, but we are starting to think this may work. And hello to all our new subs that signed up today! Welcome. Don’t forget to link your Patreon with your Discord for extra benefits.

Tonight’s show starts at 8 and the forst 30 minutes IS FREE. Head over to cick subscribe (it’s free) and hit the bell for notifications. Come and find us at 8.

After 30 minutes, we head behind the Paywall. This SHOULD be the link but you know me, there will probably be some tech issues, so be patient. I am hoping this link will be the same link for the whole of July, but I need to double check that will work. Normally, the paywall will be for £6.66 and above but tonight ALL Patrons are welcome.

And I know some of you have been upset by the VAT. Apologies. We did mention it, but we could have mentioned it more. I believe it is fairly obvious when you sign up but apologise to all those to whom it wasn’t clear.

So, ready for a laugh….?