Thank You…

Hey all

Just a quick note to say thanks. Thanks for believing in us. Thanks for investing in us. Thanks for liking the weird silliness me and Katherine come up with. We really enjoy doing this and appreciate your support more than you will ever know. Will we do this forever? I don’t think so. People keep dropping off (which is fine! Not a criticism, merely a depressing observation) and who knows,maybe one day the radio industry will realise it’s mistake and give us a job!

But while we try this odd experiment, you lot are there, holding our hands. And that means more to us than you will ever know. SO, thank you verrrrry much.


Zoom Meeting and Gaming Session DATE CHANGE NOW SUNDAY 12TH at 1pm


Hello all

A heads up that the £20 and above Zoom meeting will now take place on Sunday 12th at 1pm. Link to follow.

That will be followed at just after 2 by our gaming session. Fall Guys again this month as that seems to be the most popular. You can play on any system and we will give out the room code on the day. Anyone is invited to play hit £20ers get priority.

We really hope to see as many of you as possible.


The Door Into Summer

Oh my word, I am recording this and broadcasting it live. Wanna see me make the show? Head over to www.mixcloud/iainlee and follow me. It’s an experiment. I’d love to get an online radio station on 365 or something like that, but it’s bloody expensive. 


This week’s songs are….

1 – I Think We’re Alone Now – The Rubinoos – The Rubinoos

2 – B.A.B.Y. – Rachel Sweet – Fool Around

3 – Ring The Living Bell – Melanie – Gather Me

4 – Amoreena – Elton John – Tumbleweed Connection

5 – Coney Island – SEB – IT’S OKAY, WE’RE DREAMING

6 – Inside Of Me – Little Steven, The Disciples of Soul – Men Without Women

7 – I’ll See You In My Dreams – Joe Brown – Concert For George

8 – Him Or Me – What’s It Gonna Be? – Paul Revere and the Raiders – Revolution!

9 – Free To Be Me And You – The New Seekers – The Albums 1970-73

10 – United We Stand – Brotherhood of Man – United We Stand

11 – Black Night – Frank Sinatra Jr. – Music From Entertainment

12 – Someone Who’s Cool – Odds – Nest

13 – Nothing But A Heartache – The Flirtations – Sounds Like The Flirtations

14 – Woo-Hoo – The Rock-A-Teens – Pecker

15 – Silver Lady – David Soul – Playing To An Audience Of Me

16 – Walk A Mile In My Shoes – Elvis Presley 

17 – Play The Hits – Hal – Hal

18 – Babajaragal – Donovan/Jeff Beck

19 – We Are Gonna Be Okay – Dan Whitener – Crossover

20 – Complicated – Poi Dog Pondering – Pomegranate

21 – The Good Mr. Square – The Pretty Things – Parachute

#TLNA Full Show 2/09/21 – You’re Not The Boss Of Me

We are back and rocking. A full 2 and a half hours FREE to hopefully swing a few more Patreons. This was a laid back vibe, Katherine was on Zoom and it alwyas makes for a very different feeling.

We really hope you enjoy this show. We are very proud of the universe we have created. If you are fan of anything weve ever done, please consider supporting us via Paypal or donations. This is it…. 

Behind the Scenes at the Luton Show

Well, this was a fun night. Despite the anxiety it was a bloody good show. This is NOT the show. You’ll get that in two parts next month. This is the behind the scenes as Katherine and I got ready. The first part of this pod is just before the show. It will fade as we stride onto the stage. Then you get to hear what happens to us in the interval.

Thanks for your support!

Late Night (Alternative) Love

Hi, it’s Katherine. I’m putting together a new podcast for £20 and above celebrating the cheesy wonder that was Graham Torrington’s Late Night Love. If you, like me, were a romantic, sleepless fool in your youth, you may have tuned into GT’s silly, sexy sounds. We’re going to have some of that!

It’s also a chance to shout out your significant others, or those whose significance you would like to boost. So whether you’d like to declare undying love, give someone a virtual hug or just let a friend know how much you appreciate them, send your email to x

Please check your payment has gone through….

Hi Patrons! Please check your payment has gone through as I can see about 50 haven’t. You may need to update your payment details. Patreon can be glitchy at this, the most important stage.

Everyone else, head over to to get around 100 hours of content

Oh, and here’s a pic of me having a bloody good chuckle.

Schedule w/c 30/08/21 with Paywall link

WooHoo! Gonna be a good week as we role into the third proper month of Patreon! You staying? Go on, you know you want to! It is a little slower this week as we hit the last week of the summer holidays and head off with the kids one final time! Oh, did you get the Eurogroovy from Katherine (£20 and above) and my final month ramblings AND the YouTube Rabbit Hole from Friday? We made the end of this week a bit heavier in terms of content to make up for next week.
Monday 30th – You shall have a behind the scenes of the Luton Bear Club show delivered to your podcast feeds. Enjoy hearing us get totally nervous and questioning why on earth we were doing it.
Thursday 2nd – 7pm-9pm – Completely FREE TLNA. All on Twitch, all a wonderful advert for our wonderful Patreon. Phone calls, games, silliness. In fact, it is another QUIZ SPECIAL. You set the questions, we answer them. Always a laugh.
Friday 3rd – 7pm-8pm – Completely FREE TLNA  Judge Boyle, nonsense and phone calls. A little shorter as I am up EARLY to go to Edinburgh….from whence you will be getting a couple of exclusive pods the following week.
Monday 6th – Podcast Special – Part ONE of the full audio of the show from The Bear Club
Wednesday 7th – Podcast Special – Part TWO of the full audio of the Luton show. Please note, this is EXCLUSIVE to you beautiful Patreons.
Friday 9th – 7pm-9pm – TLNA – First hour free, second hour behind the Paywall – HERE IS THE LINK! SAVE THE BLOODY LINK!