Full Show – 24th May 2021 – Boybands & Blackpool

And we are off. You can expect the audio of the full shows every time we do one starting from NOW! £6.66 and above, we salute you and hope you enjoy this. This was a fun one, more Blackpool shenanigans including an actual bomb scare, more rock bands from the 60’s are given away and there is some Kinks Kontroversy.

Thank you for your support.


Who Owns What 60’s Band

Dave Dog Face – Them

Pete – The Monkees

Gatf…anonymous – Pink Floyd

Alistair – The Kinks

Bodell – 

Twox – The Beatles

Sidrat – Simon & Garfunkel

Tony – Small Faces

Haysey – nothing as of yet

Tim – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Mark – The Beach Boys

Zoe – The Jimi Hendrix Experience supported by The Who

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