Full Show Thursday July 22nd – Clapton, Knees and Missing Cats

We did this as a radio show on Twitch and YouTube. No pictures. It definitely creates a different vibe. I’d love to hear your feedback. The people watching it seemed to really like it, what do you think as listeners? Would you like to have one of these a week? Once a fortnight? Or do you not notice any difference.

I want to thank the mods. I say in the show they challenged me to try something different. Actually, I would suggest Inspired is a better word. So thanks team.

Couple of clunky edits at the start. We played some music and Twitch muted a few bits. Still, you get Johnny Halyday singing Hey Joe,Never Get Ahead by Bobby Conn and Don’t Touch Me There, The Tubes.

Sorry, i am trying to make these cool for kids, but there is some swearing and the Bobby Conn song is rather rude.

One of the better shows so far, in my humble.

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