Hello, welcome, apologies and you won’t get billed again until July 1st!

Thanks and hello to everyone – early adopters, mid comers, late comers, lower and higher tiers. Katherine and I are blown away by the numbers and by your support.

A quick apology. I said none of you will get billed until July 1st. If you signed up today (Tuesday 11th May) and onwards, then I’m afraid you have been charged. I screwed up and ticked a box I shouldn’t and now can’t untick. My apologies. If you signed up BEFORE that date you have not and will not get billed until July 1st. None of you will get charged again until July 1st, whatever it may say on your account. 

To make up for the fact some of you have been charged, Katherine and I are uploading STUFF so you get value and bang for your buck. There is some pretty coll stuff going up and we really hope you feel you’re gettng value for your money.

Sorry my mistake. I am kicking myself.


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