Ignore the previous £20 and above meeting link….it’s this one!


I DID send the link out. Man, this is confusing.

Please use the ORIGINAL link, which I am including here for your benefit. Please feel free to throw tomatoes at me tonight.

You are invited to join me and Katherine in a Zoom meeting on July 15th at 8pm. Pop along, have a chat and if you have nay suggestions or feedback, that’s the best place to do it!

This is a slight gamble. We have no idea how many will join us. We shall play it by ear and if it’s a LOT of you, we might split into rooms. If there are LOADS of you then we might do 2 meetings net month. Let’s see. Either way, it will be a laugh!

iain L is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 817 2546 5622
Passcode: 648873

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