Just Kicking Ideas Around

We lost a lot of Patreons this month. Like about 50 went. And that is cool. Kinda. We never begrudge anyone who can or can’t or chooses not to support us financially. We get it man, it is hard on the boulevard. An awful year, financial insecurity for so many. And hey, maybe people just go off us and THAT is fine as well. No judgement. But, ego wise, it hurts a little. Money wise, it hurts a lot! And Katherine and I can’t help thinking that we have done something wrong. It’s hard not to take it personally when the whole deal is built on our personality (and we are both quite insecure).

Those of you who did leave (I think some of you may still see this) do let us know if there is anything we can do/could have done to have encouraged you to stay.

One thing that has been suggested is increeasing the free part of the show to encourage randomness and more supporters. That is what this question is about…

If you are a Patreon of £6.66 and above, would you feel cheated if we increased the free part of the show to 1 and a half hours and reduced the Paywall to 1 and a half hours?

Please don’t answer what you THINK we want to hear. What we want is honesty from you!


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