PattieThon Part 1 – July 30th 2021

Wow, what a day! A 12 and a half hour stream. I was daunted, scared, thought it was a terrible idea BUT it was actually a lot of fun. We also made the £2000 I was hoping to raise towards Pattie’s £9000 and rising vet bill! Thank you to everyone who donated, or didn’t, who watched, or couldn’t, or just send me good vibes.

I’ve broken this down into roughly 2 hour chunks. It may stop in awkward places, apologies for that, but the next part will pick up exactly where we left off!

I am away next week so I am releasing these for the days I am away. Also, this would normally only go to the £6.66 and above. I am making all of these (there are 5 parts) available to everyone – Patreons and Patreoffs. This is because we are nearly in August and the early part of the month is the best part to sign up to Patreon or to upgrade a level. If you are new here, do have a look at the tiers. 

£4.99 gets you the 45 minute best of – about 3 a week

£6.66 gets you ot only the full show audio but also access to the private part of the show behind the paywall

£20 and above gets you all of that plus at least 2 extra bonus podcasts and first dibs on playing games with us twice a month. Oh, you also get a private Zoom meeting once a month which is a right laugh.

Thank you for your support and enjoy!

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