Here’s The Thing Audio Book read by Iain & Katherine

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The audio of the book of the transcript of the radio show. Katherine and Iain read the scripts, but not necessarily with the voices of the callers. We will make it up as we see fit!

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16 reviews for Here’s The Thing Audio Book read by Iain & Katherine

  1. phunpsyz

    what aload of fucking shit

  2. Iain & Katherine (verified owner)

    This is brilliant

  3. liam

    great product

  4. Dan Gray

    This is the absolute opposite of shit. More like freshly washed linen

  5. Gatford

    A literary joy for the ears

  6. Iain & Katherine (verified owner)

    Really really good

  7. Harsh Singh (verified owner)

    Comedy genius. Get yourself a copy, you won’t regret it!

  8. Stupot James

    A brilliantly funny listen, by two broadcasting legends

  9. Iain & Katherine (verified owner)

    I can review this as many times as I want

  10. Paul Bodell

    The first review is a load of fucking shit. This audio book is fucking awesome!

  11. Nelly

    The best thing I’ve ever listened to and that includes Revolver, The Queen is Dead and my neighbours rutting.

  12. Jimadebo (verified owner)

    Perfect. A smooth finish & no chafing. Five blades is a little excessive for an audiobook, but it glides over the contours with ease & produces a lovely shave.

  13. Stephen Fry (verified owner)

    Decidedly Unshit.

    I have read all the books, and let me tell you that this is in the top two. It only got pipped by Dante’s Inferno because it didn’t have quite as many knob gags.

  14. johnharris54

    The best voices Iv had in my head for a long time

  15. Izzy (verified owner)

    This is guaranteed to make you laugh. Buy this audiobook – you will not regret it!! Just a few words of caution, don’t listen to it on your walk to work or people will look at you oddly as you start to properly laugh out loud!!!!!

  16. Jackie Hopkins (verified owner)

    Its a great book and an even better audio book. So funny. Buy it and laugh your socks off!

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