Schedule w/c 19th July 2021

Hello ALL!

we are messing aroud with time slots and days for a few reasons. Primarily, it’s the summer holidays and child care is a bit tricky for both of us! Secondly, I wonder if we will get more passing trade this way. It’s mainly the first, to be honest, and I am aware this means some of you might not be able to make all the shows. Fear noy! If you’re a £6.66er or above, you get to watch the full shows or listen to the full shows afterwards! All the free bits will be on before moving behind the paywall on YouTube

Monday 19th – 10am to 1pm – first 45 minutes free then Paywall – 

Wednesday 21st – 8pm to 11pm – first 45 minutes free then Paywall – ]

Thursday 22nd – 10am to 1pm – first 45 minutes free then Paywall – 

Save or bookmark this post. These weblinks are the links for the PAYWALL and you are receiving them because you are a 6.66er or above. 

Thanks team. Have a great week!


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