Schedule w/c 23/08021 – ALL BEHIND THE PAYWALL – with links

PLEASE NOTE – ALL SHOWS THIS WEEK ARE BEHIND A PAYWALL. To watch and join in sign up at £6.66 or above at – normal service resumes next week

Katherine and I want to say thank you to you lot for your support. It means the world. We are coming to the end of the month and really hope you carry on for another month, but if you can’t/don’t that is totally cool. Thanks for this much.

To say thank you, we are doing a week of shows. All of these will be behind the £6.66 and above paywall. There may be some spontaneous games or stuff if we fancy it, but these 5 shows are exclusively for YOU.

Different times, all on YouTube, all will require these links. Pay attention!

Monday 9am-10.30am – TLNA Breakfast show 

Tuesday 8pm-9.30pm – TLNA Radio show (no picture) 

Wednesday 9am-10.00am – yours and ours TV, Twitch, Youtube, Podcast, Radio recommendations 

Thursday 8pm-9.00pm – The QUIZ! 

Friday 8pm-9.30pm – YouTube Rabbit Hole – Katherine and I take it in turns to show videos and go off on tangents 

If the shows are groovin’ and we are having fun, then there is every chance they will go on longer. Either way, you are getting way more private stuff than a usual week.

We hope this is cool and works for you. Don’t forget, if you can’t watch live, you can always click on the link after to watch and you will still be getting full show pods!


PS don’t forget the Super Mario Bros watch tonight for FREE on – you will need Amazon Prime to watch the movie

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