Schedule w/c 30/08/21 – No Paywall Link

WooHoo! Gonna be a good week as we role into the third proper month of Patreon! You staying? Go on, you know you want to! It is a little slower this week as we hit the last week of the summer holidays and head off with the kids one final time! Oh, did you get the Eurogroovy from Katherine (£20 and above) and my final month ramblings AND the YouTube Rabbit Hole from Friday? We made the end of this week a bit heavier in terms of content to make up for next week.
Monday 30th – You shall have a behind the scenes of the Luton Bear Club show delivered to your podcast feeds. Enjoy hearing us get totally nervous and questioning why on earth we were doing it.
Thursday 2nd – 7pm-9pm – Completely FREE TLNA. All on Twitch, all a wonderful advert for our wonderful Patreon. Phone calls, games, silliness. In fact, it is another QUIZ SPECIAL. You set the questions, we answer them. Always a laugh.
Friday 3rd – 7pm-8pm – Completely FREE TLNA ¬†Judge Boyle, nonsense and phone calls. A little shorter as I am up EARLY to go to Edinburgh….from whence you will be getting a couple of exclusive pods the following week.
Monday 6th – Podcast Special – Part ONE of the full audio of the show from The Bear Club
Wednesday 7th – Podcast Special – Part TWO of the full audio of the Luton show. Please note, this is EXCLUSIVE to you beautiful Patreons.
Friday 9th – 7pm-9pm – TLNA – First hour free, second hour behind the Paywall – HERE IS THE LINK! SAVE THE BLOODY LINK!

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