The Door Into Summer…a musical feast

This has been shared before on my Patreon, but it’s no longer available and most of you won’t have heard it before…

The Door Into Summer is EXCLUSIVE to yous! This will never be heard anywhere else. I was going to do a Beach Boys special but was so inspired by the first song I heard today that I thought I would do a best of the new songs that have been recommended to me from my weekly Spotify recommendations. These are all tracks I had not heard until Spotify recommended them to me. They’ve all touched my lives in special ways, and I hope some of them do something for you.

1 – Yola – Shady Grove – Walk Through Fire

2 – Yola – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Walk Through Fire

3 – Five Man Electrical Flag – Absolutely Right

4 – Fats Domino – Lady Madonna – Fats is Back

5 – Komeda – It’s Alright Baby – What Makes It Go?

6 – Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, David Freiberg – Sketches of China – Baron bon Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun

7 – Picasso – Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band – Adios Senor Pussycat


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