The Door Into Summer…It’s Just Great Music, Guys!

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Ah ┬áman, I forgot how much I love doing these. This is the music show I always wanted – where I get to choose the songs and share stuff with yous lot that I think are just FABULOUS. No theme this month, ust a stream of consciousness rabbit hole type affair but with added Dua Lipa, who I think is perhaps the greatest pop star of all time, and a very rare Imani Coppola track. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy. If you have any suggestions for themes then please do let me know!

Also, do you like the talking or would you rather just the songs? Maybe I get in the way? Or perhaps you like the ramblings?

1 – Fanny – Aint That Peculiar – Best of Fanny

2 – Imani Coppola – Mac and Gov’t Cheese – Unsung

3 – Imani Coppola – Facetime Continuum – Unsung

4 – The Babys – Isn’t It Time – Broken Heart

5 – Dua Lipa – Break My Heart

6 – The Nerves – Many Roads To Follow – One Way Ticket

7 – Feargal Sharkey – You Little Thief – Feargal Sharkey

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