The Door Into Summer – Paul McCartney

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I love McCartney so much. Yeah, there have been some misteps and stinkers, but you can’t have a career in music for nearly 60 years and not make a few mistakes. I genuinely think he is the greatest pop writer of all time. This month, I’m going to share a few gems – some obscure, others not so, but hopefully give you a chance to rethink about Macca. Don’t forget from Jylu 1st this Iain Lee Patreon closes adn everything moves over to – I really hope you can move over there and carry on listening to The Late Night Alternative.

1 Ballroom Dancing – Tug of War

2 That Was Me – Memory Almost Full

3 Getting Closer – Back To The Egg (Wings)

4 Wanderlust – Tug of War

5 My Brave Face – Flowers in the Dirt

6 Fine Line – Chaos and Creation in the Backyard

7 Beautiful Night – Flaming Pie

8 Too Many People – Ram

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