The First Freedom Show

This is FREEDOM DAY! Our first show paid for by YOU WONDERFUL PATRONS!

Firstly, Katherine and I are humbled by your amazing support. Thank you so much. We are still some way off where we need to be, but we are starting to think this may work. And hello to all our new subs that signed up today! Welcome. Don’t forget to link your Patreon with your Discord for extra benefits.

Tonight’s show starts at 8 and the forst 30 minutes IS FREE. Head over to cick subscribe (it’s free) and hit the bell for notifications. Come and find us at 8.

After 30 minutes, we head behind the Paywall. This SHOULD be the link but you know me, there will probably be some tech issues, so be patient. I am hoping this link will be the same link for the whole of July, but I need to double check that will work. Normally, the paywall will be for £6.66 and above but tonight ALL Patrons are welcome.

And I know some of you have been upset by the VAT. Apologies. We did mention it, but we could have mentioned it more. I believe it is fairly obvious when you sign up but apologise to all those to whom it wasn’t clear.

So, ready for a laugh….?

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