#TLNA FM – Radio show June 6th 2021 – Nigel Craftwerk

Joy, fun, silliness. I aint doing this for the money, I’m doing it for the sheer joy of doing ‘radio’.

Hear me dive into the arena, take calls, give out bands and argue with the very petty Whats On The Tapeford man. Awful attitude.

Here are your bands. The list is now closed….get ready for Battle of the Bands….

70’s Bands

Pete – Boney M

DaveDogFace – Mr David Bowie and His Spiders From Mars

Mick Hughes – ELO

Alistair – Genesis

Allan (Nashville Teens) – The Wombles

Jackie – Badfinger

Mandoula – Stevie Wonder

Maclaren – Mr Pink Floyd

Mark – The Beach Boys

Tony – Black Sabbath

Cheriepeapot – Earth, Wind, Fire and Fanny

Ford – Queen

ANDAMC – Elvis Presley (don’t argue, very litigious)

Will – Blondie

Michael – Fleetwood Mac

Nelly – Sade

Mr Hayes – Derek Nimmo

Paul Twist – The Ramones

David McMurden – Lou Reed

Graham – MC5

Mr.Bodell Sir – KISS

K8ifer – Chic

Sidrat – Alice Cooper

Tired Barber – a divorce

Brett – Bob Marley

Stooburt – Prince

Rallsorts – Funkadelic

Floss – Steely Dan

Who Owns What 60’s Band

Dave Dog Face – Them

Pete – The Monkees

Gatf…anonymous – Pink Floyd

Alistair – Naff all (not a band)

Bodell -The Crappy Velvet Underground

Twox – The Beatles

Sidrat – Simon & Garfunkel

ROB – Small Faces

Haysey – nothing as of yet, shame Bad Manners aren’t a 60’s group….

Tim – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Mark – The Beach Boys

Zoe – The Jimi Hendrix Experience supported by The Who

Jen – The Mamas and the Papas

Richard – The Four Seasons

LuLu – The Seekers

ANDAMC Management – Elvis Presley (formerly owned by Nellie)

Deb – The Temptaions

Tony – Led Zeppelin

MightBeMandoula – Glen Campbell

Zirmot – OK, Baring In Mind

Maclaren – The Hollies

Pyjama Sarah – Capt. Beefheart

Mr. Hayes – Derek Nimmo

Alistair – The Animals

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