#TLNA Full Show 26th May 2021 – Frankfurter Sandwiches

This whole 60’s bands thing has taken a very dark turn. Lawyers, legal challenges, punch ups – it all kicked off in today’s show. We tried to keep it light, but really, it was a car crash.

Mmmmm – hot dogs…..

Who Owns What 60’s Band

Dave Dog Face – Them

Pete – The Monkees

Gatf…anonymous – Pink Floyd

Alistair – Naff all (not a band)

Bodell -The Crappy Velvet Underground

Twox – The Beatles

Sidrat – Simon & Garfunkel

ROB – Small Faces

Haysey – nothing as of yet, shame Bad Manners aren’t a 60’s group….

Tim – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Mark – The Beach Boys

Zoe – The Jimi Hendrix Experience supported by The Who

Jen – The Mamas and the Papas

Richard – The Four Seasons

LuLu – The Seekers

ANDAMC Management – Elvis Presley (formerly owned by Nellie)

Deb – The Temptaions

Tony – Led Zeppelin

MightBeMandoula – Glen Campbell

Zirmot – OK, Baring In Mind

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