TLNA – Your Recommendations

What a delight! We weren’t sure this would work but it did and was one of the most delightful shows we have done in a while. We will definitely return to it.

We asked for your recommendations for films, TV, music, whatever you fancied. So many great suggestions. You’ll find a list below. Do let us know if you check any of these out and what you make of them.

Nathan For You

People Just Do Nothing

Pray Away

Better Things

The Tribe

Game of Thrones

Peaky Blinders


Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes


The Little Things

Deja Vu

The Magic Roundabout

Hector’s House

Crystal Tips

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Nine Perfect Strangers

Three Identical Strangers

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?



Good Trouble

John Mulaney And The Sack Lunch Bunch


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