Twitch Radio Show 20/5/21

Some of my best ideas are born out of boredom. A long drive home after a stressful day at college, the knowledge Katherine and I were several hours short of our quota for Twitch this month, and a desire to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT led to this radio show.

I got home. Fed the cats. Drew the curtains. Hung the old ‘Live On Air’ sign we used during Lockdown 1 and did a radio show.

Ah man, I loved it. I crackled. I was alive. As much as I think of doing anything else, this is what I am meant to do. I’ve worked in a visual medium for the last 12 months and I shouldn’t be (face for radio and all that…) but it hit me today – I am meant to be on the radio.

Now, unfortunately, I have zero say in this. But I know it is what I should be doing. This evening confirmed it. So, more of these until some programme controller sees sense, eh?

Anyway, this would probably be a £6.66 tier in the future (or maybe £20, I can’t quite get my head around it). Let’s see.




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