Well, here we go….

This is it. All the hard work, the grinding, the tears and frustration…the end of something and the beginning of…I have no idea! But Katherine and I are so excited to have you onboard this journey with us. I tell you something, it is gonna be a laugh.

Apologies for no schedule this week. I’m afraid life has got in the way. We will improve this moving forward.

Here is our last schedule under the old regime crossing into the future!

Tuesday 29th June 10am – a live look back at TLNA with Iain & Katherine

Tuesday 29th June 8pm – #sponsored World of War stream. Download from this link and play and win the first battle to help the show. We can also link up and play multiplay after you’ve done that. https://strms.net/TLNAWorldofTanks

Wednesday 30th June – 10am – a live look back at the best of the last 12 months. Big thanks to Matty for putting together some special stuff for us. Your calls are welcome!

Friday 2nd July 8pm – #TLNA live at www.youtube.com/iainlee the first 35 minutes will be FREE to everyone. After that, at 8.35 (fingers crossed) we move to the Paywall. This would normally be for £6.66 and above but everybody who is a Patron is invited to our grand opening! This SHOULD be the link https://youtu.be/Zru6hJhVuOM

Please note, I have never prescheduled a live YouTube stream so there is a massive chance this will be a cock up! If that link doesn’t work, panic ye not. I will post on Patreon the correct link. But, it wouldn’t be #TLNA without technical issues, right?

Thanks a lot to all of you who have supported us. We are thrilled this is happening and it may actually work. We’ve created such a great community and we hope we can keep on entertaining you.

Peace & Love


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