12 Hour PattieThon on Twitch Friday 30th July 11am-11pm

Tomorrow it is PattieThon, a fundraiser for my silly cat who smashed her pelvis.There will be chat, calls, breakdowns, meditations, performance art and GAMES…

Games we will ALL be playing – Pico Park, Goose, Goose, Duck, Among us and Fall Guys

See you at 11am! www.twitch.tv/TLNA 

Oh, because we are off next week with the kids, shows will probably be at the weekend on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th (MAYBE the Friday, will let you know!)

I will be breaking the PattieThon into manageable chunks and posting them as podcasts throughout next week for the £6.66 and above. So, us being off means you will probably get more podcasts than usual!

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